Helen conveys a powerful message on behalf of all women. A female portrait is emerging from her silence as she breaks through the constraints of her world. The message is one of hope and optimism, empowerment and bright futures for all women.



In Seasons, the journey of life itself is expressed in organic metaphors. Life cycles are celebrated in passages of line and colour – never linear, the story of one’s ‘Seasons’ is a richly interwoven series of experiences and relationships.


Colorful brush strokes, heavy in textures and meaningful Floralscapes that reminds us with our best places we've been to in a pleasant abstract style.


The Arabic word for peace is ‘Salaam’. In her new series, Helen uses contemporary Arabic calligraphy to explore the notion of peace. Vibrant and modern, the artworks ebb and flow in dramatic swathes of colour and calligraphic letters. Slivers of gold ink light up these dramatic canvases, furthering the sense of animation and movement.


‘Mosaic’ is influenced by her experiences of the modern cosmopolitan cities of the middle east. The people, the architecture and the atmosphere contribute to her artistic interpretations; “I was fascinated by the culture in the UAE and the true Arabian influence - the ‘mix’ in Dubai, in particular. My mosaic collection speaks of the cultural diversity with a sense of celebration and color".


These atmospheric and impressionistic paintings are a “reflection of the transient nature of life and the links with times gone by”. There is a sense of celebration and optimism but also a feeling of sadness and fading recollections. Helen’s work captures the sense of Arabia and all its contrasts in these strikingly beautiful canvases.

Helen is a renowned Arabic Artist and designer with a rapidly expanding international reputation. Originally from Syria, she moved to Dubai in 2000. Helen has been a full-time Artist for more than 15 years and continues to be inspired by her fast-paced modern Middle Eastern hub. Her work is deeply personal and draws upon her own life experiences, regional culture, religion and the people she meets. Calligraphy, pattern and design iconography influence many of her artworks – often combined in multiple layers to create deeply experiential canvases.


Arabic calligraphy is a prevalent theme in Helen’s work. Her love of letter forms is evident in much that she undertakes. From history she uncovers ancient fonts and reinterprets them in a way which is abstract and bursting with expression.


Recent works